Haunted Tunnel In Tennessee Isn't For The Faint Of Heart

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One thing I love is a good ghost story! I also love the fave when I hear stories about places right here in Tennessee. Of course, the most popular one is the Bell Witch, but have you heard of the story about the Sensabaugh Tunnel in Church Hill, Tennessee? If you are unfamiliar with this place, well sit back and get ready for story time.

The tunnel got its name for the Sensabaugh family. The tunnel was built back in the 1920's. According to the stories, the patriarch of the Sensabaugh family murdered his wife and daughter years after the tunnel was built. In the story people have told was that he had dumped their bodies in the tunnel. The story goes on to say that he was broken and angry for killing them that he just roamed the woods and tunnel for years. 

According to those who have visited the tunnel have reported hearing screams of the daughter and wife throughout the tunnel at night. Some have reported that when they drive their car up to the entrance of the tunnel their car shuts off and won't turn back on! 

Check out some of the evidence from people visiting and seeing things.

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Sensabaugh Tunnel is was built in Tennessee in the 1920s as part of a road and was named for the man that owned the land, Edward Sensabaugh. Old Ed features prominently in the legends behind the place. Your opinion on Ed is likely to be very different depending on which version you hear.In the kinder version, Ed let a homeless man into his home as an act of charity. Their guest tried to steal jewelry, so Ed confronted him with a gun. The thief grabbed Ed’s baby daughter to use as a shield and ran out of the house. He got away and drowned the baby in the tunnel. Another version omits the homeless man, and paints Ed Sensabaugh as a madman that killed his entire family, baby included, and threw their bodies into the tunnel. However she died, that baby is said to haunt the tunnel todayLocals say that if you switch off your car engine in the middle of the tunnel, it won’t switch back on (dead babies love interfering with automotive electronics). You can also hear the baby’s cry and the approaching footsteps of Ed himself. An investigation by the Southern States Paranormal Research Society concluded that ghostly activity is sadly lacking, but they suggest an even more fascinating explanation for the tunnel’s reputation.Edward Sensabaugh lived into his old age, not dying until the 1950s. None of his children died as babies. By the time Ed grew old, vandals and hormonal teenagers had taken to using the tunnel for their respective fun. Ed wasn’t happy about that fact—if you had your own tunnel, you’d probably not want teenagers ruining it either. Ed’s weapon was an unusual talent for mimicking animal cries. He would hide at one end of the tunnel and fill it with an eerie shriek, scaring off anyone hiding inside.#creepytunnels #horror #scary #creepy #haunted #hauntedplaces #horror #notsafe #scary #scaryatnight #sensabaughtunnel #tunnel #creepytunnel #tennessee Follow @creepystuff99 for more urban legends and scary stories👻☠️

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Idk but I think this pic of #sensabaughtunnel is pretty dope. #haunted ? #graffitiart #ineedtogetabetterpicture #adventures #photography

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Finally got to go to Sensabaugh Tunnel. It looks so creepy! 😱👻👀 #sensabaughtunnel #creepy #paranormal #creepy #ghosts #haunted #nerd #nofilter

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My phone isn't cooperating with FB, so let's give this a try. We ventured out to a Sensabaugh Tunnel last night for some Halloween fun. Makes me happy that our 16 yo son wants to hang with his parents on Halloween! We must be cool! #latergram #halloween2017 #sensabaughtunnel

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I don't know about you, but I'm totally down for hitting this place up! Who wants to come with me?



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